Heat Exchangers / Heat Recovery

Air to Air Heat Exchanger

The Luwa heat recovery air/air is a system for the recycling of energy with air as the energy carrier.

In textile or ceramic processes, large amounts of waste heat are generated by the stenter frame exhaust air. Luwa can recover this energy through tailor-made solutions and thus achieve considerable savings in energy costs.

The air/air heat recovery system works exclusively with the medium air, in contrast to air/water heat recovery systems or water/water heat recovery systems. This system is efficient and is used directly on the respective machine. This ensures a robust design and significantly reduces duct systems.

Unlike classic plate heat exchangers, which are susceptible to exhaust air pollution, Luwa uses shell-and-tube heat exchangers. They are also cleaned automatically to significantly reduce service intervals.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Robust design
  • Automatic cleaning

Heat Recovery / Heat Exchangers

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