Air filtration Nonwoven manufacturing


Nonwovens production is a broad category of processes that convert fibres into mats, sheets or other final shapes for use in products. The fibres are not formed into yarns as in spinning or weaving, they are bound together mechanically, chemically, or thermally. Nonwovens are used in an array of products for hygiene such as disposable diapers, feminine hygiene, wipes, and products used in healthcare and construction. The process usually involves opening and blending of fibres , large carding machines, possibly spunlace and other processes.

Luwa solutions for these applications include air conditioning to control humidity for optimal fibre processing and pneumatically conveying fibres. The air conditioning for processes for hygiene products must normally be free of bacterial contamination. Therefore, conventional airwashers with open water tanks are not preferred. Our solution includes Texfog humidification systems, eliminating open water tanks and recirculation of water within the system. This hygienic solution will also be more energy efficient than using steam. Luwa’s unique filters also remove airborne fibres and other additives such as Super absorbent powders.

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