Textile Yarn Spinning


Ring Spinning is one of the most demanding textile processes. It requires high levels of filtration and air conditioning due to high levels of fine micro dust and fly thrown off from the yarn during spinning. Also, heat is generated by the spinning machinery. Solutions for this part of the process require the supply of clean and conditioned air through well designed ducting. Air must be distributed from overhead with sufficient air changes per hour in the space.

Luwa solutions apply filters to remove airborne fibres and fine dust to meet required dust levels for worker protection. Yarn quality is controlled for humidity and temperature for good fibre handling in accordance with machinery manufacturer’s requirements.

The Ring Spinning process requires air conditioning to meet cooling load demand of

  • The installed spinning and winding equipment
  • Lighting
  • Personnel occupancy
  • Outdoor design conditions
  • Maintaining relative humidity to a constant level (often ~55%)

Luwa offers the RPF rotary prefilter, the LDF rotary drum filter (or alternately the MCV or APF compact filters) for primary filtration. The FDF Fine Dust Filter and WSA waste separator are applied for waste dust removal and fibre reclaim.

The Luwa Air Washer is used for controlling temperature and humidity. Luwa B600 axial flow fans are used for primary air movement. Ducting is used for distributing air overhead. Return air is directed downward through openings in the floor to tunnels underneath the production floor. Luwa also applies the STC travelling cleaner to continually clean the spinning machinery from build -up of fibre over time. This reduces defects in the yarn.

Ring Spinning

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