Textile Yarn Spinning


Process Air Engineering in Ringspinning

Importance of Air Engineering

Ringspinning is the most demanding staple fibre textile process. With department floor areas often exceeding the size of a football field, the air distribution must be carefully planned. It requires a high degree of filtration and air conditioning, as a large amount of fine micro dust and fly is released during spinning. In addition, the spinning machines generate excessive heat. Constant humidity across the entire spinning department is desired, to keep the spindles running beyond 20,000rpm. Lower department temperature reduces the fly liberation and increases the production output accordingly. Enthalpy control combined with adjustable air change optimizes energy consumption.


  • Air Flow from 40,000m3/h to 1,200,000m3/h per AHU
  • Enthalpy control
  • Evaporative cooling / refrigeration cooling change control
  • Optional variable air flow control


  • Humidification plant design
  • Refrigeration air handling unit design
  • Supply / return air ducts engineering

Luwa Process Support

  • Air Changes / permissible exposure limits
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Uniform supply air diffusion to all spindles

Main System Components

  • Axial Flow Fans
  • Air Washer
  • Rotary Air Filter
  • Air Control Dampers
  • Overhead Travelling Cleaner
Ring Spinning

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