Air filtration for textile weaving processes

Weaving Air Conditioning

The environment for the room must provide a more reasonable temperature and humidity level for operator comfort in the rest of the plant. This is achieved by supplying conditioned air with specialized diffusers over each loom and returning air through openings in the floor directly under the looms back to the filters and conditioning system.
The process requires air conditioning to meet cooling load demand of

  • The installed looms
  • Lighting
  • Personnel occupancy
  • Outdoor design conditions
  • Adding sufficient moisture to maintain high humidity at the loom shed

Luwa applies the RPF rotary prefilter, the LDF rotary drum filter (or alternately the MCV or APF compact filters) for primary filtration. The DS Fine Dust Filter and WSA waste separator are applied for waste dust removal and fibre reclaim.

The Luwa Air Washer is applied for controlling temperature and humidity. Luwa B600 axial flow fans are used for primary air movement with Nordfab QF ducting used for distributing air overhead and return air is downward through openings in the floor to tunnels underneath the production floor. Luwa LoomSphere diffusers are located over each loom. Luwa also applies LTC travelling cleaners to continually clean the looms from buildup of fibre over time that could be taken up during the weaving process and cause defects in the fabric.

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