Air Outlets

Baffle Plate Air Outlet

The slide vane element with its air foil ramp achieves uniform supply air flow to the individual baffle plate without causing any local back flow in the collar. The supply air that flows onto the continuous baffle plate, which consists of three parts, is discharged horizontally to both sides and downward through two adjustable slots into the production room. The slide vane element allows the supply air volume in the collar to be adjusted to the required amount.

The Continuous Baffle Plate Air Outlet is used for installation into suspended ceilings and ducts.  An Individual Baffle Plate Air Outlet  for single outlet applications is also available. The performance characteristic for the Continuous Baffle Plate Air Outlet was selected in such a way that the induction air flow does not exceed a reasonable amount with regard to the chosen application.  In addition to draft conditions, (too) strong induction flow with fibre fly may exist in certain areas when the suggested values are exceeded.


  • No or only little dust and fibre buildup on air outlet
  • Cost efficient

Loomsphere Air Outlet

These air outlets produce a virtually turbulence free displacement air flow that can maintain the required air conditions over certain distances due to their compactness in the low velocity range. The supply air is distributed through a perforated baffle plate inside the outlet.

Local Displacement Flow Outlets are installed as close as possible to the production process. In weaving, these outlets are mainly used for weathering (conditioning) the warp.

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