LuwaAir P


Luwair-P from Luwa is an insulating and self-supporting housing for your various Luwa components.

This control unit is manufactured and assembled according to your requirements and needs. Whether used for filtration, humidification or disposal systems, the Luwair-P panel design can accommodate all components and fits into any building. Additional walls and ceilings can be added as required.

It is therefore the modern and flexible alternative to conventional bricked designs.

For larger air volumes, the LuwairP is the perfect system, as the transport volume of the components can also be reduced to a minimum.


  • Prefabricated central for Luwa components
  • Quick and easy to install


  • Housing of the air treatment plant
  • Filtration plants for room exhaust air or machine exhaust air
  • Disposal plant for silo systems
LuwaAir P

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