Axial Flow Fan with Carbon Fiber Blades

Axial Flow Fans with Carbon Fibre Blades


The fan blades of the new Axial Flow Fan B800CF are made of the very light and high-strength “Hybrid Long-Carbon Fibre-Compound” (LCF) material. Compared to aluminum fans, LCF material allows new possibilities in design:

  • Larger blades
  • Wider chord lengths at lower weight and
  • Lower mechanical stresses
  • More usable aerodynamic surface on the blade.

Significantly reduce your energy consumption

Axial fans are the main power consumer in an air conditioning or filtration system in a textile mill. In a spinning mill they account for about 55% and in a weaving mill up to 75% of the total electrical energy consumed. Luwa has taken measures to reduce this electricity consumption.

Carbon Fiber Blade Fan Energy Savings

Benefits & Features

  • Improved aerodynamics / efficiency
  • Best performance and efficiency in typical P/V working ranges for industrial fans in textile air conditioning systems
  • Designed for a wider operating range with consistently high energy efficiency even under changing operating and pressure conditions (e.g. condition and aging of filter media, changing number of running machines, etc.).
Development of fan blades in partnership with Prof. Th. Carolus

1 Development of fan blades in partnership with Prof. Th. Carolus

Carbon fiber fan blades

2 Carbon fibre fan blades

Selection software to determine best fan configuration

3 Selection software to determine best fan configuration

Axial flow fan B800CF, 7 fan blades with housing and floor support

4 Axial flow fan B800CF, 7 fan blades with housing and floor support

Increased performance

The impeller with its characteristic sickle-shaped blades is designed for optimal aerodynamic performance and most efficient operation. The use of high-quality materials and modern production methods allow for the unique shape of the blades – a factor that contributes significantly to the outstanding performance of the Axial Flow Fan with carbon fibre blades.

The benefits of the Luwa Axial Flow Fan series B800CF are reduced power consumption, higher fan performance, lower weight and reduced noise level.

Fan selection

The Luwa selection software calculates the best combination of the fan type, fan size and blade pitch angle. To adapt the airflow to the exact operating point, the impeller blade pitch can be changed at any time.

Axial Flow Fan with Carbon Fiber Blades Fan Performance

Material properties & manufacturing process

Long fibre carbon — different material components are processed into LCF pellets suitable for injection molding in a novel process.

In the injection molding process, the individual impeller blades are formed into a solid, high-strength body under heat and pressure. With high dimensional accuracy, high surface quality, thinner wall thicknesses and, above all, thinner leading and trailing edges allow aerodynamic improvements. Further weight saving due to lighter overall hub design enabled reduction of fan weight by >60%.


Today, waste with carbon fibres (CF) is mostly reprocessed, and processed as high quality additives for reinforced plastics. The high demand for CF continuously promotes the development of new CF recycling processes suitable for industrial use - especially for short fibers. The focus is currently on the use of CF recycled fibers in thermoplastic processes for sheet and profile extrusion. In addition, new processes are constantly being developed to form flat mats (similar to the paper industry).

Axial Flow Fan with Carbon Fiber Blades Size Range

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