Multi Cell Filter MCV

Filtration for room return air

The MultiCell filter is built up as a filter wall in air conditioning stations for the filtration of return air, which is contaminated with dust and fibers. The special design with bottom entry filter cells prevents clogging of the filter with fibrous material:

  • Smaller service bay
  • Shorter A/C stations
  • Fast and easy change of filter medium
  • Increased filter surface for energy saving
  • Only 1/3 of the space required compared to rotary filters
  • Simple and sturdy 2-axis movement drive of suction nozzle

MCV space savings over traditional drum filter

Advanced technology, space and energy saving — for all automatic air filtration applications

For decades the rotary air filter has been proven to be the best fit for all kinds of filtration applications in the textile industry. Its sturdy and simple design facilitated outstanding performance. The disadvantage of rotary air filters is their big space requirement, which leads to higher initial cost. In today’s competitive business the economical utilization of building space is a substantial factor in overall investment costs.

Luwa has developed the next generation of automatic air filters for a wide range of applications in the textile industry, with three main objectives: Simple and robust design, small footprint and reduced power consumption.

The new MultiCell Filter MCV is build up on these three objectives:

  • Simple static and slim filter wall in V-Shape for maximum filtration surface area
  • Simplified 2-axis suction robot with only two gear motors
  • Large filter surface area for reduced power consumption

Traditional drum filters are approximately 11m. The MCV filter is 3.5m in size, providing ~70% space savings over traditional drum filters with the same efficiency.

Compact Filter Unit (CFU—MCV)

Two stage filtration for machine exhaust air

The MultiCell filter is integrated in a compact filter unit made of galvanized sheet steel. The CFU-MCF is a plug and play product and is placed on a finished floor without any construction work.

  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High efficiency direct drive main fan
  • Frequency inverter controlled for energy saving
  • Lowest space requirement for CFU available in the market
  • Optional needle felt filter media for high performance filtration
MCV Compact Filter Unit model

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