Rotary Pleated Belt Filter (Pneumafil)

A Breakthrough in Filtration Technology

The Rotary Pleated Belt(RPB) Filter is patented, revolutionary design that combines high capacity pleated media with high efficiency suction cleaning. The result is a high efficiency self-cleaning filter, offering more capacity for its size than any filter in the market. Unlike other filters that rely on building a fiber mat to retain small dust particles, the RPB Filter does not. And unlike felt bag or cartridge filters, it doesn’t blow or pulse dust back into the air stream.

Features and Benefits:

  • High filtration efficiency. The media is optimized for fibrous dust filtration. Better than 99% removal at normal operating pressure drop.
  • High media cleaning efficiency. Fiber, dust and SuperAbsorbent Polymers are suctioned away out of the air stream.
  • Compact size — 75% less footprint compared to the common rotary drum filters of similar capacity.
  • Saves money - In many cases, the RPB Filter does the job of two rotary drum filters in series. Also, cleaner air requires less air turnover and improves air conditioning system efficiency.
RPB saves around 70% space over traditional drum filters

Modular Component System

The RPB Filter is one member of Luwa’s modular preassembled and prewired air filtration components. Modules can be bolted directly to one another as needed to suit your application. Each module is skidded to allow easy relocation, if needed. This illustration shows how modules can be assembled to form a compact filtration system.

The system includes:

  • Rotary Self-Cleaning Prefilter for removing larger fibers from the air stream
  • Inlet Plenum
  • RPB Filter Module
  • Final Filter Module
  • Fan Module

Traditional drum filters are approximately 11mm. The RPB filter provides ~70% space savings over traditional drum filters with the same efficiency (US only).

How the RPB works

The result is a high efficiency self-cleaning filter

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Nederman Pneumafil Pleated Belt Filter system

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