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The Rotary Pleated Belt (RPB) filter is a super compact automatic filter for high dust extract air. The RPB is modular un design and consists of a number of filter cells. Each cell is comprised of an endless pleated media belt looped between two pulleys. Unfiltered air enters the unit parallel to the filter cells and passes through the straight sections of the belt loop. Larger fibres collect on the outer edges of the pleats and smaller particles build up on the media surfaces between pleats.

The clean air continues between the two sides of the cell into a plenum in the back of the filter. As the belt moves around the lower pulley, the pleats open up and air flow through the media is blocked, allowing the pleats to be easily vacuumed and pulsed clean. The pleats on the specially designed media are tightly spaced for filtration purposes and open up around the lower pulley for cleaning purposes.


  • Automatic cleaning of the filter media
  • Controlling of the cleaning process by differential pressure guards
  • Rotating pleated filter belt
  • Modular size of filter cells
  • Application with pre-fabricated housing or in a walled room


  • Compact filter design
  • Shorter A/C stations – smaller service bay
  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Huge filter area with pleated filter belt
  • Fast and easy change of filter medium
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long filter life, no suction nozzle contact

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