Industrial Air Washer

Industrial Air Washers

Available as package unit (AHU) with FRP housing as a standalone unit in a plant room, or built-in a masonry of concrete housing.
Pre-assembled spray water pump and piping. Water tank with static or automatic water filter.

Available in Low Speed and High Speed Variants, the Luwa air washer systems can be customized specific to customer’s needs or preference.


  • Very high year-round efficiency (significantly higher than wetted surface humidifiers)
  • Superior performance compared to wetted surface humidifier, due to low susceptibility to
    clogging and scaling.
  • Variable humidification for partial saturation
  • Adiabatic or chilled water cooling
  • Housing of FRP, built-in parts of plastic or stainless steel
  • Centrifugal spray pump of cast iron
  • High efficiency drop eliminators
  • Accurate humidity and temperature control with air dampers, by-pass dampers or frequency


  • Static water filter
  • Automatic rotary water filter
  • Spray water control with frequency inverter
  • Automatic sludge removal


  • Compact modular design
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • High humidification efficiency, low pressure loss
  • High air flow capacity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Non-clogging atomizer nozzles

Air Washer Adiabatic (Cooling)

The Luwa air washer cleans and humidifies process air, corrosion-free and with a high air flow rate. With the adiabatic air washer version, this is done without the use of additional refrigerants and systems. Only the evaporation of the finely atomized water can decisively lower the air temperature. This enables you to ensure a more pleasant atmosphere for your personnel and machines.


  • High degree of humidification
  • Low pressure drop
  • Modular
  • Easy to maintain

Air Washer (Mechanical Cooling)

The Luwa mechanical air washer cleans and dehumidifies your process air flow, corrosion-free and with an increased cooling capacity. This is achieved by using chilled water system to exchange the heat released to the HVAC loop. This means that process rooms can be effectively cooled even with high heat loads. The mechanical air washer enables you to ensure a pleasant, actively cooled atmosphere for your personnel and machines.


  • High degree of humidification and dehumidification
  • High cooling capacity
  • Modular
  • Easy to maintain
Industrial Air Washer

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