The Luwa TexFog system is a high-pressure humidification system for special applications in textiles and nonwovens.

The aim of this system is a precisely controlled humidification of the air flow. The variable humidification with partial saturation takes place via a pump controlled by a frequency converter.

The fine atomization of the water achieves a high degree of humidification and evaporation efficiency. This significantly reduces the amount of water sprayed and the pumping capacity compared to conventional air washers.

The exclusive use of fresh tap water (no circulating water) and the direct disposal of the residual water prevents the formation of germs and thus provides a hygienic area according to VDI6022 (hygiene guideline).


  • Efficient high-pressure humidification
  • Hygienic and energy-saving


  • Textile (e.g. weaving, twisting, etc.)
  • Nonwovens
  • Production of hygiene products
  • Food industry

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