Circulaire Fan

Circulaire Fan

The efficient ceiling cleaning fan for industrial buildings.

Due to its cyclic blowing regime, the Luwa Circulaire prevents permanent dust deposits on pipes, cable trunks and construction frames of the building, hard to reach in industrial halls.

Labour-intensive, dangerous and costly cleanings, which must be carried out under increased safety requirements on ceilings or overhead beams, are no longer necessary.


  • Eliminates manual overhead cleaning, especially where access is difficult
  • No accumulation and dropping of dust deposits in the production area
  • Saves costs and improves working conditions
  • Reduces fire hazard (lower insurance premium)
  • Easy and quick assembling


  • Commercial laundries and textile service
  • Spinning and weaving plants with exposed ceiling construction
  • Nonwoven and technical textiles
  • Paper converting
  • Warehouses, especially with crane runway

Circulaire Fan

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