Circulaire Fans keep dust build up off the higher areas

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The efficient ceiling cleaning fan for industrial buildings.

Due to its cyclic blowing regime, the Luwa Circulaire prevents permanent dust deposits on pipes, cable trunks and construction frames of the building, hard to reach in industrial halls.

Labour-intensive, dangerous and costly cleanings, which must be carried out under increased safety requirements on ceilings or overhead beams, are no longer necessary.


  • Eliminates manual overhead cleaning, especially where access is difficult
  • No accumulation and dropping of dust deposits in the production area
  • Saves costs and improves working conditions
  • Reduces fire hazard (lower insurance premium)
  • Easy and quick assembling


  • Commercial laundries and textile service
  • Spinning and weaving plants with exposed ceiling construction
  • Nonwoven and technical textiles
  • Paper converting
  • Warehouses, especially with crane runway


Cyclically blowing keeps ceiling and machine structures dust-free. Due to the oscillatory rotational motion of the Circulaire® with a horizontal rotation of 360° and an 80° vertical oscillation, a cleaning area with a radius up to 32 ft will be achieved. Depending on the dust, the Circulaire® can operate continuously or by the hour.

Problem - Dust Build Up

dust accumulation in textile plant

Dust deposits on roof of a production plant

Solution - Prevent Dust

circulaire fan for textile dust prevention and removal

No dust build up on production plant roof

Circulaire Fans keep dust buildup off high areas


In short: Protecting your factory and your employees from risk of fire or explosion due to combustible dust. And: Saving cost by automatic cleaning means no need to arrange expensive manual cleaning, and no risk of paying fines to regulatory authorities.

Circulaire provides permanent air movement, preventing dust from reaching or settling on elevated surfaces. Thus Circulaire creates an air barrier between the areas where dust is generated and the upper level structures. Circulaire does not allow dust to move up and settle on roof structures, pipes, air ducts and other high level areas.

Circulaire prevents dust from migrating to upper level structures. Dust remains within the production area, where it is either removed from the return air of the HVAC system, or removed by a filtration system. Or, if no return air system is installed it will settle on low level areas like the floor where it can be removed easily by manual cleaning.

For full effect of the air barrier it is recommended to keep Circulaire running continuously during the time the production machines are in operation. Circulaire should have a cycle time after production has stopped to keep lingering fugitive dust away from elevated surfaces.

A Circulaire fan can cover an area of 45 ft radius, with 360° rotation. Luwa can work out a free design for the ideal placement of Circulaire fans.

The standard version can operate up to 50 °C / 122°F. Circulaire is tested by UL and comes with a UL certificate.

Once a month, a visible check is recommended. Visually inspect smooth rotation, and clean inlet and outlet grills of the fan if needed. If some surfaces continue to see dust accumulation, adjustment of the operating range is suggested.

Circulaire keeps elevated surfaces free of dust automatically. No need to plan shutdowns of production to clean upper level structures. No expenses for manual cleaning labor; in fact, thepayback of the investment for Circulaire is very short.

The most important advantage is: Circulaire keeps upper level structures permanently clean and within the OSHA and NFPA guidelines. With manual cleaning - shortly after the cleaning effort - the dust accumulates to levels outside of OSHA and NFPA limits, and your factory is at risk.

Certain types of dust have specific guidelines, and you should check with any number of sources regarding dust compliance: the fire marshal, local building inspector, insurance underwriter, the state or local department of labor. However, as a general rule, OSHA adheres to the NFPA guideline of no more than 1/32” of dust accumulation on elevated surfaces. That’s the diameter of a paper clip! In “Combustible Dust Basics” by Christopher A. Jarc, “Proper housekeeping is key to effectively eliminating the possibility of a [fire or] dust explosion... Good housekeeping practices, including thorough and regular cleaning of the process area, are easy to implement and a cost-effective way to control dust. The goal is never to allow the 1/32” buildup in any area of the facility including floors, ducts, lights, and any other horizontal surfaces.”

Lead time for standard Circulaire fans is around 1-2 weeks. Luwa can confirm stock levels and lead times via specific quotation. Fans ship via LTL truck, with each fan weighing approximately 150 lbs.

Each fan comes with an operating manual, installation instructions, and all of the hardware needed for a standard truss-mounted installation. The electrical supply to Circulaire will depend on the type of fan selected. Luwa can send installation instructions and manuals in advance to help you plan for the most efficient installation. Once a month, a visible check is recommended. Visually inspect smooth rotation, and clean inlet and outlet grills of the fan if needed. If some surfaces continue to see dust accumulation, adjustment of the operating range is suggested.

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