Fibre Separator

Fibre Separator (FSB/FSC)

The Luwa FSB/FSC is a fiber separator that separates fibers from the waste suction system of the Fiber filtration system like the RPF.

To make disposal easier, the fibre separator compresses the separated solids and feeds them to a secondary disposal system.

The continuous cleaning of the air stream guarantees high solids throughput and at the same time avoids pressure fluctuations in the entire system. This enables continuous operation of the machines and processes to be cleaned.


  • Fibre separation and compacting
  • Automatic, no pressure fluctuations


  • Separation of textile waste in Blowroom/Carding/Combing
  • Automatic disposal of waste from Spinning and Winding
  • Edge trim suction in nonwoven lines
Fibre Separator

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