Textile Yarn Spinning

Open End Spinning

Process Air Engineering in Open-End Spinning

Importance of Air Engineering

Open-end spinning machines are largely covered. The release of fly and fluff is considerably lower compared to ringspinning, the degree of humidity in the supply air, however, is slightly higher. Accordingly, the air change requirement is reduced and the inverted flow concept rotorsphere for energy saving can be applied for many fibre materials.

Fully automatic OE machines have higher environmental requirements than their semi-automatic peers. Temperature control is preferable for fully automatic OE machines, as machine and robot efficiencies are dropping at temperatures above 28-30°C. Separate machine exhaust filtration is used for enthalpy control during preferred months.


  • Air Flow from 20,000m3/h to 600,000m3/h per AHU
  • Enthalpy control
  • Evaporative cooling / refrigeration cooling change control
  • Rotorsphere for energy saving


  • Humidification plant design
  • Refrigeration air handling unit design
  • Supply / return air ducts engineering

Luwa Process Support

  • Humidity
  • Rotorsphere
  • Uniform supply air diffusion to all rotors

Main System Components

  • Axial Flow Fans
  • Air Washer
  • Rotary Air Filter
  • Air Control Dampers

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